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Articles Tagged ‘ Alcohol ’

September 13, 201112:27 am

The Pub Opens with Alcohol and Food

Seniors Michael Adashek, Josh Olexa, Caitlin Fowler, Adrienne Gordon and Elise Kielek enjoy beer, wine and pub fare at the grand opening of The Pub the weekend of Sept. 10. (Photo by Kristin Seymour)


Thursday, Sept. 8th marked the grand opening of the campus pub, which now offers beer, wine and food to its most popular customers: the student body.

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August 31, 201112:08 pm

News in Brief: The Pub Opens

Formerly the LQ common room, "The Pub" is now a beverage and late night food option for students. (Photo by Dave Chase)


Because of the success of the pilot program last spring semester, the Pub’s late night food option will officially open for business Thursday, September 1. Though only food will be served at its opening, the Pub will begin serving alcohol a week later on Thursday, September 8.

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March 22, 201112:01 am

Embrace the Nest Mess

A photo of the March 5 Nest at the Upper Deck. (Photo by Tom Keen)


The weekend before Spring Break saw the first test of the new Nest policies. I am told only a handful of students went. In fact, The Point News sent a photographer to cover the event and he captured an empty upper deck – a far cry from the 400 people who crowded into Daugherty-Palmer Commons (DPC) at the last nest.

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February 14, 20121:01 am

Miss Meghan – “Whiskey Dick” Got You Down? Sober Up!


Dear Miss Meghan, What are the effects of alcohol on sexual functioning? -Flaccid for Now- Dear Flaccid for Now, I was going to attempt to write this article without using the words “whiskey dick” but after some serious urban dictionary time, I’ve realized that: there are too many terms that include the word flaccid, I am better […]

May 3, 201112:04 am

Orientation Sobriety Pledge – Give it a Shot!


By now, President Joesph Urgo’s all-student email (as well as all-staff and all-faculty email) has either been read or deleted by the campus. For those of you who may have chosen the latter option before reading it, let me briefly summarize it here. Essentially, Urgo has implemented a policy for the entire St. Mary’s community to remain alcohol-free, or “dry,” for the first four days of the 2011-2012 school year.

December 7, 20109:22 am

Campus Pub To Begin Operation in Spring With Pilot Program


Specifics are starting to crystallize on the new proposed campus pub culminating in a potential pilot program this spring, according to General Manager at Bon Appetit Debi Wright.

November 6, 20101:01 am

Miss Meghan: No One Deserves Abuse


Dear Miss Meghan,
I’ve been seeing someone casually for about a month but when he’s drunk he turns into a different person. He gets really aggressive and he’ll pin me down or block the door and I don’t ever say no to him because I want him to like me. Sometimes I don’t have the chance to tell him to stop because it happens so fast. I really like him and I don’t want him to think I’m prude or anything but sometimes I wake up with bruises I can’t account for. How can I get him to stop acting like that?

October 19, 201012:02 am

Ask Miss Meghan


Dear Miss Meghan,
What is your take on “implicit consent”? Should people always talk about sex before having it?
-Maybe Willing

October 9, 20101:56 am

News in Brief: Campus Pub Receives State Approval


With legal approval from the state Attorney General, the campus pub has gotten one step closer to becoming a reality.

October 9, 20101:33 am



To the St. Mary’s College Campus Community: as your president, I am considering signing on with other presidents around the country to the Amethyst Initiative. The initiative asks that we reopen a national discussion on the drinking age

September 22, 20109:19 am

Campus Life: Urgo Begins Talk of Pub on Campus


Plans are currently underway to bring to life what has perhaps been the dream of many a St. Mary’s student: an on-campus pub, where students over 21 could swipe their OneCards and grab a pint with professors, staff, and President Joseph Urgo himself.

December 9, 200811:55 am

Students Speak Out on Medical Amnesty


Students have brought up their concerns and opinions at the recent Medical Amnesty policy discussion forums held by the Office of Residence life and the student discussions held by the SGA. The Medical Amnesty policy as it is currently drafted states, “When a student assists an individual who is intoxicated or under the influence of […]