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April 15, 20148:04 pm

4th Annual Bottom County Festival Draws Crowds for Music and Fun in the Sun



By Yna Davis, Contributing Writer St. Mary’s students were brought together on Sat, April 12 for the Bottom County Festival, a beautiful day of off-campus fun at nearby nature park Chancellor’s Point. An annual event since 2011, when it was brought back by the suggestion of alumnus Mike Benjamin (’09), the Bottom County Festival is […]

May 6, 20149:05 pm

Details on Upcoming Sexual Assault Forum


By Emma Kaufman, Contributing Writer TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault, trauma, violence In many ways, St. Mary’s College of Maryland is a paradise for students. The campus is small, but comforting. Many class discussions are intimate and enlightening. The student body is so familiar with each other that it’s nearly impossible to walk down the path […]

November 16, 20135:48 pm

An Inside Look into Clinton’s Presidency Through the Eyes of His Personal Secretary


On Monday, Nov. 4, St. Mary’s SGA Programs Board had the honor of hosting Betty Currie, former personal secretary to Bill Clinton. She grew very close to the entire Clinton family as she worked among them for years during Mr. Clinton’s presidency. She came to St. Mary’s to share her journey, including what is was […]

October 20, 20134:02 pm

We Are What We Eat: Exploring Food Week


From October 20th to 24th, during a time known as St. Mary’s Food Week, the campus community is invited to take a deeper look into where our food comes from and how it has been processed. This year marks the first time St. Mary’s has celebrated National Food Day, a campaign for “healthy, affordable, and sustainably-produced […]

October 20, 20132:00 pm

Think Outside the Box


By Maria Terry, Staff Writer As of September 16th the great room enacted a reusable to-go box only system. For many reasons this is an excellent idea, and yet for others it is terribly irritating. I would like to preface this miniature tirade by stating very openly that I am not anti-environmental in any way. […]

October 14, 20134:48 pm

Counterpoint to ‘Are We Using Our Prisons Properly?’


The United States leads the world in public incarceration rates. This is an undeniable fact. I cannot in good conscience argue that the system does not need to be changed, nor can I argue that the current prison system is not an enormous drain on public resources and our tax dollars. However, there are some proposed solutions […]

April 24, 20138:43 am

News-in-Brief: College Renews Contract with Bon App


On April 12 in an All-Student email, Contracting Officer and Director of Auxiliary Operations Patrick Hunt announced that the College would be awarding Bon Appetit Management Co. (Bon Appetit) a follow-on contract. The current contract for food services operations expires on June 30, 2013 and the new contract will be for a base period of two years with five […]

November 3, 201210:58 pm

Ifill to Continue Position as Interim Dean for Another Year


Last spring, Roberto Ifill was moved from his position as an economics professor in Kent Hall to become the Dean of Students for St. Mary’s College. He was originally brought in to replace Laura Bayless, who stepped down from the position too suddenly for a replacement to be hired in time for the fall semester. […]

October 14, 20123:29 pm

Brian Ganz Performs “Chopin Discoveries II”


The common cliché “he’s really into music” was definitely demonstrated accurate for St. Mary’s Artist-in-Residence Brian Ganz as he performed “Chopin Discoveries II” on Thursday, Oct. 4th. This was Ganz’s second installment of his piano concert series exploring classical composer Frederic Chopin’s works here at St. Mary’s. Ganz broke decorum of typical classical concerts with […]

September 10, 20128:21 pm

Trustee and Maryland State Senator J. Frank Raley Dies at 85


On Tuesday, Aug. 18, former St. Mary’s College trustee and former Maryland senator J. Frank Raley passed away at age 85. According to his obituary at the Brinsfield Funeral Home in Leonardtown, Maryland, Raley attended St. Mary’s County parochial schools, Charlotte Hall Military Academy, and Georgetown University. He also never lived further than 10 miles […]

April 1, 20104:20 pm

Students Protest Lack of Free Food at Lecture


In a show of solidarity for hungry college students across the country, students protested last Friday outside a lecture in the Campus Center against the lack of after-lecture refreshments. About a dozen protesters congregated outside the doors of Cole Cinema to bring attention to the lack of coffee, tea and cookies usually present at lectures such as this one.