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Arts & Entertainment

May 6, 20149:07 pm

‘Shakespeare in Hollywood’ is a Delightful Romantic Comedy

shakespeare in hollywood


“I go, I go, look how I go!” So says the fairy Puck in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and in Ken Ludwig’s comedy “Shakespeare in Hollywood,” a  in which literary characters come to life in a real-world setting. And if you went to one of the showings of the Theater, Film and Media […]

May 6, 20149:04 pm

‘Lone Survivor’ is a Solid War Movie



Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor is unlike any war movie I have ever seen. It begins with what looks like real footage from military training. It immediately emphasizes the sense of brotherhood, an idea that continues to be emphasized throughout the rest of the movie. Based on a true story, Mark Wahlberg stars as Marcus Luttrell, […]

April 15, 20148:04 pm

Cultural Dance Club’s ‘Festival of Flags’ a Success

cultural dance


The Cultural Dance Club held its second-ever performance, Festival of Flags with the Cultural Dance Club,  on the weekend of April 4 through 6 in St. Mary’s Hall.  Each dance number introduced the audience to music and choreography that originated from around the world.  The dancers enthusiastically joined the choreographers for an introduction dance at the opening of […]

February 9, 20152:16 pm

Selma, Lord, Selma Movie Review


In the 1999 true story film Selma, Lord, Selma, viewers are engaged with eye-witness characters who relate the gruesome details of the events leading up to the Bloody Sunday that took place in Selma, Alabama in 1965.  The storyline is heavy material, and although a bit overacted at times, the film leaves viewers with a strong […]

February 9, 20152:11 pm

Tales from the Collections: The Monty Hall Mural


The art collection of St. Mary’s College of Maryland has an inventory of over 1000 pieces. Many of the artworks that students see everyday in academic buildings are pieces from the collection. Many of the displays for these pieces avoid providing greater context for the pieces, leaving many students curious about what the pieces depict […]

February 9, 20152:09 pm

VOICES Reading Series: Kate Milliken


Thursday, Jan. 29 saw the start of this semester’s VOICES Reading Series with a reading by short-story author Kate Milliken. Milliken, whose critically acclaimed book of interconnected short stories, If I’d Known You Were Coming, earned the John Simmons Short Fiction Award, read the first story from her book, titled “A Matter of Time.” This […]

September 27, 20145:19 pm

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review


While it may lack some of the quality and charm of the first movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2, which played at Cole Cinema this past weekend, is a solid edition to what Sony intends to be the ongoing Spiderman franchise, that will hopefully serve as the build up to slightly better movies. Amazing Spiderman 2 […]

September 27, 20145:12 pm

Art Club Spotlight


“How many people love art, but can’t do it because they’re bio majors?” asks President Sophomore Keely Houk of the SMCM Art Club. One of the major goals of the newly formed Art Club is to be a space not only for students who have dedicated their studies to the arts, but also for those […]

September 27, 20145:09 pm

Play Preview: “Much Ado About Nothing” Coming in November


Amidst the coming whirlwind of too-soon midterms, surprise papers due in a week, and the ever-changing lineup of faculty, St. Mary’s students will have a moment to laugh at the comedy-romance spectacle that is Much Ado About Nothing. The Shakespeare play about “betrayal, lovers, bumbling villains and incompetent law officers” is coming to Bruce Davis Theater […]

May 6, 20149:02 pm

Semester’s Final Voices Reading Bittersweet and Hilarious


This semester’s final Voices reading was held on Thursday, April 24 in Daugherty-Palmer Commons, and it was also Professor Karen Anderson’s last reading before she goes on sabbatical next year. Professor Anderson gave a brief introduction with her background in planning on-campus readings both at St. Mary’s and elsewhere, and described how she was originally […]

April 15, 20148:03 pm

M.E.G.A. Showcase Celebrates Diversity



On Saturday, April 5, the second annual Multicultural Expressions Generating Awareness, otherwise known as the M.E.G.A. Showcase, was held in the Athletic and Recreation Center. The Showcase is the brainchild of juniors Demara Austin and Derrick Fyfield, developed as a means of combining both the Black Student Union (BSU) and Drum Corps annual shows. “Since […]

April 15, 20148:03 pm

‘The Monuments Men’ Lacks Historical Accuracy


monuments men

While war movies often have trouble with authenticity and being accurate to a million different details while still being watchable, few have achieved this balance and those that have are brilliant movies (Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers come to mind). Monuments Men is more than a war movie, however, it is a vignette […]

April 15, 20148:00 pm

‘The Laramie Project’ Staged at The White Room


*Trigger Warning: Violent themes and homophobia* On Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 3, student theater group The White Room performed their production of The Laramie Project. Directed by senior Erica Burns, the cast consisted of eight St. Mary’s students ranging from theater veterans to first-years; senior Elizabeth Porter, sophomore Jordan Slattery, first-year Virginia Huber, […]