Opinions and Letters to the Editor Policy

We welcome all readers to submit Letters to the Editor or Opinion pieces. Letters can be sent to The Point News, e-mailed to Miranda McLain (editorinchief@thepointnews.com) or Scott Zimmerman (managingeditor@thepointnews.com), or sent through our web site at http://thepointnews.com/contact/letter. All letters and articles are due by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday before an issue is printed. We do not guarantee that any letter or article will be printed. The author should sign his/her name, provide his/her phone number, hometown and class standing if they are a student. Letters are more likely to be printed if they have relevance to a considerable portion of the college community, are likely to spark dialogue, or present new ideas.

The opinions expressed in commentaries and letters are solely those of the writers and not necessarily the views of The Point News or St. Mary’s College of Maryland. We reserve the right to edit any work submitted to The Point News in order to correct errors in spelling and grammar, or to shorten length.