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Peter Sparklin

February 15, 201112:11 am

Calico Jack Plays HSMC

Paul DiBlasi, half of Calico Jack, performed songs based on traditional maritime folk music with lead singer and songwriter Janie Meneely. (Photo by Ryan Gugerty)


On Friday, Feb 4. in the State House in Historic St. Mary’s City, the ‘maritime musicians’ Calico Jack performed their collection of music inspired by the traditions and culture of the Chesapeake Bay.

November 16, 201012:10 am

Discrimination and Disaster Ethics

Dr. Bill Lawson, University of Memphis, speaks on the ethics of disaster. (Photo by Ryan Gugerty)


On Thursday, Nov. 11 Bill Lawson, a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis spoke and led a discussion on how people should respond and prepare for major distressing and uprooting events, termed as an ethics for disasters.

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November 6, 20101:23 am

$400 of Electronics Stolen from NC3

Senior Arthur Earle had over $400 of DVDs and video games stolen on Oct. 16 when a burgular broke into North Crescents 3. (Photo by Kevin Baier)


Some time during the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 16 over $400 worth of video game systems, video games and DVDs was stolen from Townhouse North Crescent (NC) 3.

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December 7, 20109:12 am

“Tar Creek” Informed Viewers of Env. Disaster


On Wednesday Nov. 17, the film Tar Creek was screened in Cole Cinema; it told the story of a Superfund site in Picher, Oklahoma.

November 16, 201012:09 am

Transcending Boundaries: Limits, Possibilities of Gender & Sexuality


The Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGSX) House and WGSX faculty held a conference on Friday, Nov. 12 to present student papers on a variety a topics ranging from gender in poetry and television, stereotypes, and sexual ethics and sexual health.

November 6, 20101:12 am

Breasts as a Symbol of Power


In a recent presentation Professor of Religious Studies Katerina Von Kellenbach compared milk and food and blood and explored older, religious iconography and modern images to understand the importance of breasts.

November 6, 20101:09 am

Voices: Legal Laureates


Karl Carter, one of the two poets who presented at this week’s VOICES lecture, used potent imagery connected to his cultural heritage. (Photo by Justin Foreman)

On the evening of Oct. 28, poets Brian Gilmore and Karl Carter read and discussed their poetry. Despite such similarities as some of their poems being based on their experiences as both practicing lawyers and prolific poets in Washington, D.C., Gilmore and Carter had different styles that nonetheless complemented each other.

October 19, 201012:16 am

Peace and Love, Say the SMCM Six


On Oct. 6, six St. Mary’s students traveled to the Supreme Court to rally for peace and love to counter the message of hate espoused by the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).

October 19, 201012:12 am

I ♥ Female Orgasm Entertains, Educates on How to Get Off


Crowds of excited, chattering students crowed together to fill in corners, aisles, laps, and arms of chairs on Oct. 14 to learn about the beliefs concerning, different types of, and ways to have a female orgasm for the program I ♥ Female Orgasm.

October 9, 20101:47 am

Trustee Profile: Neil Irwin


Neil Irwin, economics reporter for the Washington Post and St. Mary’s alum is the focus of this weeks Trustee Profile. Irwin graduated from St. Mary’s in 2000 and began as an intern at the Washington Post the same year.

September 22, 20109:13 am

Tech Support Partnering with Bell Logix

By and

Campus Technology Support Services (CTSS) has unveiled a new partnership with Bell Industries/Bell Tech Logix, a company that will provide technology support and assessment for the college starting October 1.

September 22, 20109:12 am

Board of Trustee Chair Sounds Off on Plan for Upcoming Year

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“We want to serve the students,” said Molly Mahoney Matthews, the new chair of the Board of Trustees who starts Oct. 8, 2010. She is excited about her new role as the chair and the possibilities for the college under President Dr. Joseph Urgo’s leadership

April 27, 201012:00 pm

The Trouble with Volcanoes: A Retrospective


The volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland on Wednesday April 15 leading to the closure of airports all over the United Kingdom and Europe, stranding over 6 million people around the world, and the loss of at least $200 million a day for airlines; and the biggest question seemed to be: Well, St. Mary’s, what are […]