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Maria Smaldone

February 15, 20143:07 pm

Yummy’s Korean and Japanese is…Yummy



Every time I drove down Great Mills Road last semester on my way to tutoring sessions at Carver Elementary, I was always intrigued by a tiny gray shack with a sign for “Yummy’s Korean and Japanese.” In my experience, restaurants with adjectives for names – especially adjectives promising that the food is good – are […]

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February 4, 20147:47 pm

A Man’s Guide to Walking on the Path


Hello, gentlemen of St. Mary’s! I probably don’t need to be telling you this, as you are all so PC and aware of women’s issues and such, but I thought now would be as good a time as any to offer a a gentle reminder to be conscious of the paranoia some women feel while […]

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February 1, 20143:01 pm

Australian Open Review



By Daniel Harris This year’s Australian Open produced a wonderful display of tennis as new champions were born, an old legend reaffirmed his greatness, and multiple upsets breathed fresh life into the world of international tennis.  To start, both the men’s and women’s draw ended with the crowning of two new champions.  Stanislas Wawrinka (Switzerland) […]

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February 20, 201411:59 pm

Eric Schroeder Named Student Trustee for 2015-2016


Eric Schroeder, a sophomore, was named last week as the Student Trustee-in-Training for the 2014-2015 academic year. During this time, Schroeder will be trained by next year’s Student Trustee, junior Taylor Schafer, before taking over as the official Student Trustee in 2015. Schroeder is the treasurer for the class of 2016, a senator for Lewis […]

February 4, 20147:47 pm

A Letter from Ms. Elsie


The following is an edited transcription of a handwritten letter from Elsie Dickerson, a former employee of the SMCM housekeeping staff. As reported in the previous issue of  The Point News, Dickerson was fired last semester under uncertain circumstances. Since then, students have signed an online petition created by junior Ruth Tyson to remove “fired […]

February 4, 20147:47 pm

Coming Soon: ‘The Vagina Monologues’


Once again, FUSE (Feminists United for Sexual Equality) is set to stage its yearly production of The Vagina Monologues, a play by Eve Ensler composed of several first-person narratives in which different women recount a discovery she has made about her sexuality. The play is performed in multiple venues globally every February 14 in celebration of […]

December 9, 20131:24 pm

Beloved Housekeeping Staffer Gains Student Support


moveon picture

If you lived in Calvert Hall or Waring Commons during the past two years, then you have undoubtedly been greeted with a cheery “Hey honey, how you doing?” during a morning trip to the bathroom. These sweet moments would be courtesy of Elsie Dickerson, a housekeeping staff member whose buoyant personality never failed to bring […]

November 16, 20131:02 pm

Postcards from Abroad: Paris



By Pippa Friedman I have a bread lady. She’s a little mean on Sundays when the crowds come rolling in, but she makes the best baguettes in the city, as far as I’m concerned. Soft and light as a cloud on the inside, and hearty on the outside, with a crust that crackles when you […]

November 3, 20134:38 pm

Students Voice Campus Safety Concerns


ps office

The students of St. Mary’s reveled in the continuing campus tradition of Hallowgreens on the night of Saturday, Oct. 26. According to Director of Residence Life Joanne Goldwater and Director of Public Safety Sean Tallarico, the evening was free of incidences outside of the usual drinking and rowdiness that gives Hallowgreens its infamous reputation. However, […]

November 2, 20137:22 pm

Anne Arundel Mural Paints Over Demolition Rubble

By and

anne arundel mural

When people think of St. Mary’s College there are always some iconic ideas that come to mind such as the river or the path, as well as the sense of community we try to foster here. Associate Professor of Art Carrie Patterson is bringing the St. Mary’s way to life through her (and her students’) […]

October 20, 20132:04 pm

Current Student Jennifer Walker Named as College’s New Sustainability Fellow


jennifer walker

After two years of being cut from the College’s roster, the position of Sustainability Fellow has been reinstated within the Office of Planning and Facilities. Jennifer “JJ” Walker, a senior, was named the new Sustainability Fellow on Wednesday, Oct. 16 in an all-student e-mail sent out by Dan Branigan, Director of Design and Construction. After […]

October 14, 20134:47 pm

Living Wage Forum Discusses Future Implementation of Proposal


living wage logo

The St. Mary’s Wages campaign hosted an open forum in the Schaefer Hall lecture room on Wednesday, Sept. 25, in which all students, faculty, and staff were invited to discuss the recently drafted proposal that would give the lowest-paid staff members of St. Mary’s a salary raise that would match the cost of living in […]

September 24, 20134:54 pm

Niko’s Pizza: Go There for the Greek


Tucked away in the same shopping center as Food Lion in Lexington Park is an unassuming little joint with a faded red “PIZZA” sign. If you come a little closer, you will also see that the name of the place is Niko’s, and that there’s a poster in the window featuring a pretty lady who […]