With Bottom County Festival just around the corner (April 29 at Chancellors Point), you may find yourself wondering what the band lineup will be like this year.

Ethan Thomas Hall

Ethan Thomas Hall is a sophomore at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) who describes his music as folk, country, or cow-punk. Longtime fans of Bottom County Festival may remember his performance last year. Ethan says people should come to Bottom County Festival to see him play because he’s been down lately and could use the support. The thing he’s looking forward to most is “opening for musicians a lot better than [him].”

Stag & Owl

Stag & Owl is a duet which consists of Alex and Andrew Baughman, who are friends of SMCM students. Their music is guitar and drum-based indie rock, and they say it’s unique because

“it trims the usual indie rock band down to a duo, the limitations of which allow us to create more expressively with the tools we have. Don’t think a ballsy, bluesy rock duo; do think a melodic and dynamic rock duo.” This will be their first performance at Bottom County Festival, and they’re looking forward to “seeing the town and its environment, hopefully meeting some new friends, and simply playing [their] music and listening to others… not to mention that really good sounding Jamaican food truck.”

Brother’s Creeper

Brother’s Creeper is a punk rock trio consisting of Brother James, Brother Frank, and Sister Naomi. They list ’80s Hardcore Punk and New Wave, ’50s rock n roll, and ’60s pop as their influences, and describe their music as “the Misfits meet the Dead Milkmen… Lyrically, we’re R. L. Stine meets Mad Magazine.”  They’re excited to “see some real creative talent in music, crafts, and groovy activities”, and encourage those who want to check out their music to find their debut EP Smutt on Bandcamp.

The Karigas

This five piece alternative rock band  consists of a mix of current students and alumni, with current students Lucas Delgado and Kieran Broder representing the class of ‘18, and Alumni

Grant Burgess, Ryan Reis, and Kian Karimi representing the class of ‘16. This will be their second performance at Bottom County Festival, where they “play what [they] feel”. The Karigas say people should come out and see them because “It’s going to be a great time to listen to some good music and hang out with friends.”


This space folk group consists of Sid Egly, Rudy Martin, Corey Thuro, Sam Cooper, and Josh Ballard, who learned of the festival from friends who attend SMCM. One thing that makes this group unique is that “every member of the band writes and sings lead vocals on different songs… [they] also like to mess around with crazy harmony arrangements!” This will be their first run at Bottom County, and they look forward to seeing their friends at SMCM again.


This dream synth alternative pop (which they urge is “not for the faint of heart”), consists of members Glenna Urquhart (class of ‘15), Grace White (‘14), Gino Hannah (‘13), and Brian Hannon. White and Hannah couldn’t get enough, and graduated from the MAT program together in 2015. They describe their music as “powerful, weird, and beautiful sounds with a message.”

The group hasn’t played Bottom County Festival together, but members have taken the BCF stage since 2013 as Strange Attractor (who will be performing the night of Bottom County at the Green Door!) and Apple Thesis. They’re looking forward to “good weather, great people, fun jams, beautiful environment, and all the reliably impressive tables!”

Foggy May, Count Scottula, Mack, and Alex’s Dark Rainbow are also scheduled to perform.