As the St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) men’s lacrosse team approaches their upcoming season, they attempt to build chemistry with one another on the field. At the same time, they are also hoping to build chemistry with their fans. For the duration of the 2017 season, the men’s lacrosse team will be supplying play by play commentary for each of their home games. St. Mary’s sophomore, Randy Larsen, will supply the commentary, which will be streamed online for every home game. In doing so, the lacrosse team will hope to not only bring their team into a more informative technological age but also broaden their connection with fans. When asked about his new job Larsen said,“they want to provide a more engaging experience for all the viewers. I think the overarching goal is to increase the program’s exposure and make it easier to spectate for all the current fans.” He continued: “Having play-by-play (commentating) will hopefully make the games more entertaining to watch for the fans and maybe give some insight (into)  what’s going on in the game to people who aren’t very familiar with lacrosse.”

Larsen, also runs cross-country at St. Mary’s, according to his sports bio on, is majoring in biochemistry in hopes of becoming a neonatologist. Lacrosse has always been a passion for him and he hopes to express that passion in his commentary. “I have played, officiated, and coached lacrosse for several years so I’ve seen the game from pretty much every angle … I expect it to be fun, my friends will tell you that I always have plenty to say about what’s going on when I watch any sport, especially lacrosse … I’m just looking forward to being able to make money talking about a sport that I have a passion for.”

Many collegiate programs nowadays offer some sort of online commentary for games. Obviously, at Division I programs level this is more prominent, but it is still common at Division III level. In fact, several other teams in the Capital Athletic Conference already have commentators for various sports. York, for one, has an online radio broadcaster travel with the basketball team. He works both home and away games. St. Mary’s has something similar in the Hawk Talk radio show. Halk Talk is an online radio broadcast in which St. Mary’s students discuss school sports around the given time frame. Hopefully, the existence of Hawk Talk and the addition of Larsen will open the door for more SMCM sports to add commentators of their own.