Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Sapphire Jubilee


Feb. 6 marked the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s 65-year reign as the rightful heir to the British throne. She was awarded the Sapphire Jubilee due to her unprecedented 65-year reign. Traditionally speaking, Royal Jubilees are held to celebrate the life and reign of a monarch as well as important periods within his or her reign. According to the official website of the Royal Family, “[Queen Elizabeth II] has had significant jubilee celebrations in 1977 (for her Silver Jubilee), 2002 (for her Golden Jubilee), and 2012 (for her Diamond Jubilee).

The Queen’s Jubilee has been well received by the public. As reported by ABC, on the Sunday prior to Feb. 6, Queen Elizabeth stopped “to greet well-wishers at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk” at her Sandringham estate.

Along with the love and attention from well-wishers, the Royal Mail has implemented a sapphire blue five-pound stamp in celebration of Elizabeth’s 65th birthday, and the Royal Mint has also implemented commemorative coins.

Also, in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee, royal salutes transpired all throughout London.

According to the Associated Press, Feb. 6 was marked with a “41-gun salute by World War I-era field guns in London’s Green Park, and another 62-round gun salute at the Tower of London.”

Additionally, the commemoration was not without music like “The Band of Royal Artillery.” The music selection included celebratory music close to the firing position as 89 horses pulled six First World War-era 13-pounder field guns into position [at Green Park]” stated the Telegraph.

However, the commemoration of royal salutes contrasted the Queen’s private and quiet withdrawal from public in her Sandringham estate located in eastern England.

As stated by the Associated Press, “[The Queen] does not celebrate the anniversary of the date she became queen, known as Ascension Day, as it is also the anniversary of her father’s death.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s father was King George VI. King George VI passed away from lung cancer on the date of Feb. 6, 1952 at the age of 56.

That same day, Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne at the age of 25.

Two days later, Queen Elizabeth spoke to the Lords of the Council for the formal proclamation of her reign.

She stated, “By the sudden death of my father I am called to assume the duties and responsibilities of sovereignty. My heart is too full to say more to you today that I shall always work, as my father did throughout his reign, to advance the happiness and prosperity of my peoples.”

Throughout her reign, “Queen Elizabeth II has traveled more than a million miles, visited about 120 countries and met with 12 U.S. presidents, from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama. And at the age of 90, she continues to perform her royal duties, carrying out 80 public engagements in 2016” as reported by NBC.

Currently, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest reigning British monarch. Her title as the oldest reigning monarch was signified on September 9 of 2015 as Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.