Condoms, lube, organic lollipops, games, free stuff, lectures, and more?! What’s not to love at St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s sex week? Sex Week was held the week of Feb. 13, and was a fun and educational program that is hosted by The Wellness Center’s Peer Health Educators every year. According to the Facebook event, Sex Week was “dedicated to promoting safe and healthy sexual activity.” There were workshops, games, lots of free stuff and, as promised, it helps to end some of the stigma surrounding discussions about sex.

The first night’s workshop was the anatomy workshop, where we were greeted by lots of smiling Peer Health Educators, ready to teach us all about the penis and the vagina! We learned what parts of our anatomy were what, through the use of a do it yourself diagram of a man and a woman, that was filled in using a very helpful word bank. This helped enable the better understanding of our bodies, and the names for everything ‘down there’.

Afterwards there was a rousing (or arousing) game of Jeopardy, consisting of categories such as “Vulva,” “Penis,” and “Orgasm.” Through this educational but fun game, we as a group were able to dispel myths about the hymen, figure out which part of the penis is most pleasurable when touched, the average penis size, and the fact that the clitoris has about double the amount of nerve endings that the penis has!

There was also an emphasis put on the idea that you need to be communicating with any and all partners to figure out what they like most, because not everyone enjoys the same thing. Sex relies very heavily on constant, thorough communication in order to make it wonderful.

Overall, Sex Week 2017 was another great event hosted in order to normalize and destigmatize the conversation surrounding sex. There was a lecture each night, including things like “Diversity of Gender,” “Trivia Night,” Associate Professor of Philosophy Sybol Anderson’s “Healthy Relationships,” and lastly a talk by Al Vernacchio called “Sex as a Tool for Social Justice.”

This event was another effort to promote healthy and safe sexual activity, while also taking the pressure off these topics, which may be uncomfortable for some to discuss. Plus, Sex Week tabled outside the Great Room during lunch, where interested students could pick up free Valentine’s Condoms, pamphlets on how to properly put on a condom, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Who doesn’t love safe sex and free candy?!