Music Review: Psychedelic Trance


Another week, another local artist reaching out to The Point News with food for The Squawk Hawk. This time, it was Ross McGuire, an electronica producer seeking a review of the flagship track off of his upcoming first album. McGuire describes his style as Psychedelic Trance, which seems appropriate once you’ve lent him an ear.

The 25-minute long demo consisted of some interesting tunes that are great to listen to while you hunker down into homework. “The Crisis in Circadia” is probably the best place for new listeners to start sinking into the music with, and works great for study sessions when you catch yourself falling asleep. Beats like this send you into hyperdrive, and even the long research essay you’ve been putting off can feel like a super-secret mission in a cool spy movie if you put these tracks on while you (finally) get it done. I’d also highly recommend the faster-paced tracks, like “Arcade”, for an energy boost at the gym.

The music is definitely cool, this coming from someone who is rather uneducated when it comes to the genre. I reached out to a friend (also anonymous) for a more “insider” review on the tunes and all he had to say was “It bumps.” Seems like a thumbs up to me.

Psyberscenic is the perfect local artist to promo at your next party or rave if your speakers (and your friends) can handle it.

How does one come up with this, you might ask? A staffer of The Point News speculates that McGuire probably “plays Kirby and whatever buttons he presses he writes down, and then that translates into song.” Good thoughts, but these rhythms feel a little bit more intentional than that.

Before I make my next comment, let me say that this review is not meant to be a hack job. I really appreciate what’s being done on this album, but am unequipped to really describe it aside from vague metaphors. It feels like I’m in that weird episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where you don’t really know what’s going on, but you know that it’s a little threatening to the norm.

If you’re looking for some cool new noise, and unafraid of the potential for an out of body experience, consider checking out Psyberscenic. I give this album ⅘ talons and would listen again.

The album will be free to download when it comes out. You can follow McGuire on facebook (@psyberscenic), Soundcloud (@Pantarhei.allthingsflow), and BandCamp (@psyberscenic).

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