News-in-Brief: Winterfest Preview

SMCM in the winter. Photo courtesy of Scott Zimmerman.

This semester’s upcoming “Winterfest” is a fundraising event hosted by the class of 2019. On Saturday Dec. 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., students can go to Montgomery Hall to enjoy performances by live bands. Musicians from St. Mary’s will have the opportunity to get together with others from the local community to have a friendly jam session.

In addition, various art, craft, and clothing vendors will be in attendance. These vendors are made up of on-campus groups and clubs as well as off-campus artists, bringing the artistic community together for this event. The local fire department will also be making an appearance. The event will feature interactive activities such as an “ugly sweater” contest, outdoor athletic games (weather dependent), and a chance to take the ever-popular awkward holiday photos.

The event will not cost students anything to attend, but the money venders raise from t-shirts and other items will support the class of 2019. If you have questions about what kinds of activities will be available or any other concerns, please contact Garrison Rouse at

Flyer for Winterfest. Photo courtesy of Grayson McNew.
Flyer for Winterfest. Photo courtesy of Grayson McNew.