While some seniors work on their St. Mary’s Projects locked away in labs or libraries, some are creating their projects in the art studio. Senior Grace Humphries is one of them and, after a long, indecisive college experience, she is excited to be able to share her passion with others in the coming months. Humphries is a four-year member of the varsity cross-country team and an art major. Her love of art began in first grade, when her teacher noticed her artistic ability in her school assignments and encouraged her parents to send her to art camp. Humphries says that she had “a loose-leaf notebook that I would carry everywhere and draw in it whenever I had the chance.” She explains that, from that young age until the present day, her interest and passion for art has wavered. “I found myself becoming disinterested with it when I was in high school,” says Humphries, “because the classes were always focused on technique more than content and although helpful, was less motivating.” Her passion returned, luckily, when she came to St. Mary’s nearly four years ago. She credits this to the art courses and professors here at SMCM, saying that they are “always so engaging and inspire me in ways I never thought possible”. Since her first year of college, she has changed her major three times, but when she finally settled on art, “everything felt right”.

Humphries is currently working on her St. Mary’s project, part of which is to be displayed at the mid-year art show in Boyden Gallery in December, along with other art SMPs. Although as a child, her main subjects were dogs, Grace has altered her focus slightly. Her SMP aims to represent the relationship between women and nature and “the underestimated strength that both maintain”. She feels emotionally connected to her work in her project, explaining that it is “truly apart of me and represents the thoughts and experience that I have”.

Currently, Grace aspires to be a graphic designer or seek out residencies or fellowships in which she is able to learn and share her art. While she says that the specifics are still being worked through, she knows for certain that art will be part of her future.