At 1:55 p.m. on October 12, Pope Francis came forward with a public statement calling for an immediate cease-fire in Syria. This demand comes after rebels captured the city of Aleppo last month following the failure of a cease-fire developed by the United States and Russia. After a number of airstrikes, the Pope stated, “I’m begging with all my strength for those responsible to undertake an immediate cease-fire that is respected at least to give time to evacuate citizens.” Pope Francis showed considerable concern for the children in the city who live under the threat of violence. On October 12th, after a day of bombing in the city, 25 were found dead, five of which were children, while the Syrian Civil Defense estimates the death toll of the day to be around 41. The issues of Aleppo and the overall state of Syria remain a puzzling issue in the United Nations as the violence continues.