News-in-Brief: Anne Arundel Dedication

Photo courtesy of the SMCM Newsroom

On October 15 St. Mary’s held a dedication ceremony for Anne Arundel Hall, the recently completed academic building and a $34 million investment for the college. The new academic building has been partially open since the school year began, and will serve as a home to the museum studies, anthropology, and international language and culture department, as well as the Center for the Study of Democracy. Through partnership with the state, Historic St. Mary’s City, and the College, the 39,000 square foot building was constructed not only to house all these SMCM departments, but also to give space to a new Historic St. Mary’s City museum located in the South wing.

President Tuajuanda, Regina Faden, the executive director of Historic St. Mary’s City, and Sven Holmes, chair of the Board of Trustees, as well as state officials, spoke at the event. According to Faden, the new museum will house more than 5 million artifacts from St. Mary’s CIty. President Tuajuanda emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, saying, “Anne Arundel Hall represents a unique partnership between the College, the state of Maryland, and Historic St. Mary’s City that will greatly benefit our students and the College community, as well as the entire region.”

The building, comprised of three wings with a courtyard joining them, has attained an LEED Gold Certification, and the museum inside is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. According to the SMCM Newsroom, “A projected 86% of all construction and demolition waste was recycled or salvaged.” The building also features solar panels and a “greywater system,” which uses rainwater for toilets and irrigation.