Around the World The St. Mary’s Way: Summer Tour to Greece

Photo Courtesy of Jake Miller

This year Professor Michael Taber, who has been with St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the Philosophy department since 1987, will be leading his tenth study abroad tour to Greece. This year the theme is the struggles and contests during antiquity, including several major contributions to classic Greek sports, plays and political state of affairs during the time period. The tour, which costs approximately $6000, will start in the Village of Corinth and end in Athens. Tour members will visit a winery, the Battle of Thermopylae, Agamemnon’s Palace of Mycenae and many more cultural and historic sites. Participants will have get the chance to have intercollegiate communication with students from different regions of the world participating in cultural exchange studies.

One aspect that stuck out for those students attending the tour last summer was the cuisine. The tour provides an authentic Mediterranean diet of home cooked meals. While students are provided with meals at the beginning of the tour, they can control the cost of the trip by arranging alternative meal options. Nicole Hylton, a senior English major, said, “Overall, I absolutely loved the study tour and would highly recommend it to anyone considering going. It’s a really great program, definitely an experience I will tell my kids about later on. I’m really thankful St. Mary’s gave me this opportunity to go abroad. Traveling is expensive and can be lonely in a foreign country, so I was glad I had a fun group of people to go with.” This is something everyone should look for in their college experience, according to Professor Taber, because of the many different historical sites available to study and the flexible schedules during which students can spend their days at specific places they want to know more about or just to relax on some of the famous beaches in the area.

Professor Taber will also teaching students basic phrases in Greek such as: “please,” “thank you” and “I’m sorry.” Although sophomore Thomas Miller says that “adapting to a new culture is not always enjoyable, but even that is only a minor complaint and after the first few days you hardly notice the language barrier,” the Greek people are some of the nicest he has ever met and never once did he feel like an unwelcome outcast during his time in their company.

In Greece, violent crime is less likely to be a concern for worried parents or students than it would be here in the United States, but it is a good idea to look out for pedestrian safety and pickpockets during the international education experience. 

More information about the study tour can be found by contacting Professor Taber or attending one of his information sessions, the nearest one taking place Oct. 25. This tour is popular for a wide range of majors and normally fills up by late January to early February; however, no need to be discouraged: since 2014 Professor Taber has made yearly trips to Greece and you will still have an opportunity in any summer session after this one should you not be able to go this upcoming trip. Be sure to look out for other great chances to travel the world and visit foreign lands brimming with new exciting tales of adventure and stay tuned for the next installment of Around the World: The St. Mary’s Way where we’ll be discussing the upcoming Himalayas: Sacred River Summer Study Abroad Tour.