The St. Mary’s College Republicans Club reached out to The Point News for us to publish a public statement on their behalf. What follows is a letter to the campus community from the club’s president, Peter Vicenzi.


Dear St. Mary’s Community,

On the night of September 29, the St. Mary’s College Republicans held their weekly meeting, which was open to the entire campus community. The focus of our meeting was on the SGA’s proposed resolution to pressure the administration to censor the smartphone app “Yik Yak.” The St. Mary’s College Republicans believe that campus discussions should be open to all, in order to foster a healthy and invigorating intellectual academic environment. However, during the discussion, a non-club member openly used several offensive racial slurs. Following their comments, the student was admonished for their use of such offensive racial slurs—many that were present at the meeting can attest to this.

The St. Mary’s College Republicans is vehemently opposed to the use of hurtful and divisive language, regardless of the context in which it is used. Additionally, we as a club sincerely apologize for the emotional trauma that the incident caused. The behavior exhibited by this person runs counter to the spirit of inclusiveness and freedom that are among our core beliefs. As in any campus discussion, community members who contribute must understand that offensive or inappropriate language are not and will not be tolerated. We gladly and vocally abide by the St. Mary’s Way, and treat our peers with the respect they deserve.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if there are any further questions or concerns. In closing, we invite the entire community to attend our future meetings.


Peter Vicenzi

President, St. Mary’s College Republicans

Class of 2017