Right to The Point: Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Score of the Men’s Soccer game, they fell short in their competition against Swarthmore college. Link 

Dollars that will go towards the Jamie L. Robert’s stadium. The facility had it’s groundbreaking stadium last Saturday.

Copies of the Point news that were distributed on Wednesdays. This is the first publication of our newspaper. From now on we will be publishing daily online, and twice a month in print. Link

Candidates who are applying for the Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity positions on campus. The 4th candidate held two campus forums today. An email will come out in the future for feedback on how she did.

Players on the field for rugby’s first home game this season tomorrow (Saturday). Kickoff is at noon. They will be playing against Catholic University on North Fields.

Note: This is a experimental article type. The Point News is attempting to provide more frequent updates on campus events. This is a style of reporting inspired by 538 Significant Figures. We are using their idea with their permission. For updates on world events please check out Walter Hickey’s Significant figures. If you have any feedback, or ideas for “Right to the Point” please send them to Scott at Managingeditor@thepointnews.com .

Daily Conversational Question: 
Do you feel the defense “I feared for my life” by police officers after an fatal altercation with a civilian is honest? Do you feel it is a valid justification?
Please send response to us (Managingeditor@thepointnews.com) if you would like them published.