Dear White People


    Dear White People (including myself),

    Enough is enough. It is time for all of us to take responsibility for the current monstrosity that is threatening our country, Donald Trump, and start taking real steps toward shifting the current narrative. We are presently at a place where a WHITE narcissistic neo-fascist is on the verge of becoming President. He has run a campaign based on racism, sexism, xenophobia, and ableism. It is no longer enough to say “I don’t support him” or “I’ll just vote for her.” During a different election or given different circumstances, this might have sufficed as the bare minimum sufficed. That is NOT the case today. Just saying you don’t support Trump or you’re not going to vote for him is still being complacent to the hatred and bigotry he is spewing towards anyone who is not an abled white heterosexual. I am tired of hearing phrases such as “I am not political,” “I don’t like politics,” or “these aren’t my issues” because these are just cop-outs that only come from a place of unearned systematic power. What is going on right now is bigger than politics; it is about how we as humans should treat one another. For white people, in particular, to say things like that right now it is cowardly and disrespectful. Basically, what you are saying is that you know what Trump says is wrong and you are aware of how our system is rigged against people of color, yet you are choosing to sit on the sidelines because you are WHITE and the disgusting and harmful things he is saying do not affect you.

    Kamau Bell said it excellently when he visited campus – Donald Trump is white people’s problem and it is up to us to fix it. It is not up to people of color to fight off the overt racism that has spurned from his rhetoric and the rise of his political power. White people must take responsibility. You DO NOT have to like Hillary to speak out against Trump and his supporters. I too disagree with Hillary’s lies, neoliberal policies, war hawkish past, and seemingly uninspired campaign. However, what is going on right now is bigger than this election. It must be about showing people of color and ourselves that we are better than this hatred. We cannot tolerate this type of hatred, no matter if it is a Presidential candidate or a student on a college campus. It is time to fight against the systematic racism and sexism that many of us have benefited from for so long. So, if that means having uncomfortable conversations or breaking out of our routines that is what’s necessary. It is imperative to challenge Trump supporters and the people that are using his racial slurs and misogynistic remarks. This stance against intolerance can take many shapes, whether it is calling out a white person who says #alllivesmatter in response to #blacklivesmatter or condemning someone if they are wearing a confederate flag on campus. It does not matter when or where you do it; the point is that something must be done.

    Growing up in America in the 21st Century, it almost feels like we deserve a President like Trump. America over the last decade and a half has dehumanized the people of the Middle East, stigmatized Islam, worsened other countries’ domestic stability, turned a blind eye to our immigrant population, and has continued to treat people of color as second-class citizens. I think today we are truly at a crossroads where it is up to us to show ourselves and the rest of the world who we truly are and what we value as Americans.


    1. Donald Trump is not just a “white people” problem. It’s the lack of participation in our government and the government’s elected officials problem in the Republican Party that they were unable to produce a formidable candidate who could beat Trump. As a white person myself, I’m sick and tired of people ALWAYS blaming every single problem that America has on “white people.” Sure, “white people” have done some pretty terrible things in the past and it is not excused in the present, but we do not live in an exclusively “white” country. This is everyone’s problem. As A COUNTRY, we need to come to TOGETHER and say NO to Trump. We are stronger TOGETHER.

      • “Sure, ‘white people’ have done some pretty terrible things in the past and it is not excused in the present,”

        You are an ethnomasochist and you speak only for yourself. Every race of people that has walked the earth has done “bad” things. Slavery has existed in every culture at some point or another. Remember the whole “Pharoah, let my people go”? African slaves were sold to Jewish Merchants who then sold them to whites. Plenty of shame and blame. Also 2.5% of whites owned slaves at its height in N. America. Are you somehow saying that an entire race is to blame for the actions of the few? Well that certainly opens up Pandora’s Box considering the disproportionate rate of black-on-white violent crime.

        Go ahead. Keep pissing on “white people” every chance you get regardless of whether you are a colored person or a white “ally”. See what happens. Every time you open your mouth you are sending people into the arms of the Far Right.

    2. This article encompasses the current problems with race-blaming and race-baiting that the regressive left so loves to encourage.

      “America over the last decade and a half has dehumanized the people of the Middle East, stigmatized Islam, worsened other countries’ domestic stability, turned a blind eye to our immigrant population, and has continued to treat people of color as second-class citizens.”

      The Islamic ideology deserves to be stigmatized – when you follow an ideology that throws gay people off rooftops, stones rape victims to death, and dehumanizes women (an no, this is the base ideology, not the ‘radial’ variety), you absolutely deserve judgement. There is no justification in supporting an ideology that goes completely against western progressive values. Take a look at Sweden and Germany, for example. These countries have historically low level of crime such as murder and rape. Recently, they begin taking in tens of thousands of unassimilated economic migrants, mostly young adult males. The native German/Swedish women and children experienced an explosion in the amount of rapes and murders in their communities targeted at them done by, you guessed it, the economic migrants.

      In addition to the immigration topic, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how the regressive left pushes the narrative that it’s ok to commit crimes such as illegally coming into a country. Countries have borders and law and order for a reason. These people don’t care enough about America or its laws and customs to file legal entrance, why should they care enough to not commit other crimes? These criminals DO commit other crimes, again, typically of the rape and murder variety, and that is statistically proven. These illegals also are majorly responsible for the influx of drugs and illegal weapons into America. While I disagree with the war or drugs, that does not let illegals importing these items into America off the hook.

      When you say ‘people of color’ are treated as second-class citizens, you fail to provide any examples or statistics to back this up. There are no laws that put black people or any other race lower on the totem pole than any other people. You might feel that there is an ‘institutional’ problem with the police, but as a recent Harvard study shows(, white people are more likely to be executed by the police than blacks. What a privilege! Black people are also more likely to be hired over white people at many jobs, especially government jobs, due to the color of their skin rather than their talent, experience, or content of their character. It’s happening right here at SMCM as we speak. Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling in his grave.

      Take a moment and reflect on what you’re saying – it is never right to place blame on a whole race of people. It is not the responsibility of white people to take care of those poor, oppressed, incompetent black people. Black people can and will take responsibility for their actions and make a better future for their people.

    3. Not apologizing for shit. I feel no guilt, no shame, no remorse. I refuse to accept any of this nonsense you want to put onto me. Tough shit if you don’t like it. Do something. We fucking dare you.

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      • Firstly , I know Yonah and can assure you that he is white, but are you saying that if he was not white that he would not be allowed to share his perspective of white privilage? Please elaborate.