Food Review: The Lighthouse


As the warm weather of spring approaches, guests of Solomon’s Island often seek the start of their summer of eating outdoors. One such destination is The Lighthouse, a fairly large small business tucked closely toward the corner of the island on your way to the Tiki Bar. Even in the lingering chill and dampness of early spring, The Lighthouse boasts the quintessential nautical scene of all that Solomon’s has to offer: a night of great food against the backdrop of a softly lit marina.

Upon entering the restaurant, patrons see the promotion of local art around the dining room walls, in addition to an outdoor bar section enclosed by garage doors that typically remain open during the late spring, summer, and early fall. Tonight, I am seated in this particular location, dreaming of the coming days when my roommates and I can come to happy hour and enjoy their famous buckets of rum punch by the water. In lieu of a fruity summertime drink, I stick with a red wine. However the waitress tempts me with the idea of their famous “Bloody Maryland”, a hearty twist on an otherwise typical Bloody Mary, as the drink lies atop crabmeat and shrimp.

The drink sounds like a perfect summer afternoon, but I politely decline, waiting for my bacon-wrapped scallops in bourbon sauce. Although I have had this dish before, The Lighthouse’s distinction lies in their bourbon sauce, the tangy flavor coating the bacon. My dinner guest orders the crab dip bacon and cheddar burger, and much like myself, is not at all disappointed, noting how even the burger alone was a delicious compliment to the crab dip. Prior to coming to The Lighthouse, my roommate, a local to Lusby, highly recommended ordering any signature dish with crab dip, and I am inclined to say that she was right. As a Baltimore native, I am usually very critical of crab dishes, but I believe that The Lighthouse is a good call for any crab lover.

At the end of our meal we were also pleased to find that our bill was very reasonably priced; less than $50 with drinks included. While it should be noted that my dinner of choice was technically an appetizer, I stand by the fact that the remaining entrées were priced within reason as well. I would highly recommend The Lighthouse as a place to dine with visiting parents, dates, and friends in warm weather.