100 Days


The evening of Thursday, Feb. 5 marked 100 days until graduation for seniors who celebrated the start of their countdown at The Green Door. For those planning to graduate in May, this night marked one of the many “lasts” leading up to graduation.

With their new senior pint glasses in hand, the Class of 2015 spent the evening at The Door catching up with old friends and classmates. The bar was full with music, laughter, and the sound of clinking pint glasses. At first glance, the night slightly resembled that first orientation assembly, only rather than meeting new classmates, they were catching up with old friends.

“I thought 100 days would be just another obligatory rite of passage for seniors,” said Senior Natalie Van Sant. “It was actually quite lovely to spend an evening with a lot of the people I’ve known over the past four years. It was also a very welcome preview of senior week!”

Senior Nicole Jackson also enjoyed her night at The Door as the first of many last celebrations.

“100 Days was a great moment to take a break out of our busy schedules and enjoy the few days we have left together as a senior class on the river,” said Jackson

The night was a bittersweet reminder that graduation is near, and that the past four years of sentimental memories created in St. Mary’s are quickly coming to a close, but not quite yet.

Now that 100 days is officially behind the senior class, there are many other rapidly approaching dates for the Class of 2015, the first of which is 50 Days on March 27th, also to be held at The Green Door.

Despite the impending milestones marking the end of the Class of 2015’s days at St. Mary’s, seniors were able to make the most of the evening. Music and drinks flowed later into the night, as stories and laughs were shared among old friends.