M.E.G.A. Showcase Celebrates Diversity


On Saturday, April 5, the second annual Multicultural Expressions Generating Awareness, otherwise known as the M.E.G.A. Showcase, was held in the Athletic and Recreation Center. The Showcase is the brainchild of juniors Demara Austin and Derrick Fyfield, developed as a means of combining both the Black Student Union (BSU) and Drum Corps annual shows.

“Since BSU and Drum Corps shared exec board members, we combined the idea and generated interest from other clubs to create one big show celebrating different cultures, defined in so many different ways,” said Austin.

“This showcase serves as an opportunity for students to express themselves freely in any artistic form, whether it be music, singing, prose, dancing, or improv,” Fyfield said. “The showcase focuses on the diversity in talent of our students.”

The event consisted of music, poetry, and dancing, including performances from the Spring Ridge Middle School Rhythm Club and the St. Mary’s Drum Corps. In addition to their performances was a song performed by three St. Mary’s students, juniors Sachiya Sloely, Jewel Williams and Martha Afework.

Among the attendees in the bleachers was BSU Vice President and junior Fatima Dainkeh.  “You could tell by the look on everyone’s face that it was a success and I think that’s what it’s all about: entertaining the audience and making us happy,” Adalia explained. 

The show had a fair turnout of both students and families in the community, an indication of shared interests in cultural diversity. “The show was a well rounded experience with culture, expression and connection. I really enjoyed the show from what it represents and can’t wait until the next one,” said junior Amber Brown, attendee of the showcase.

The students in the showcase exhibited a great deal of talent and dedication to their form of expression. Because of this event, students and members of the St. Mary’s County community alike were brought together under a single roof, where they were able to both witness and take part in various means of cultural celebration.