"Bringin' it Back" Festival: An SMP Event


On Sunday, April 6, the St. Mary’s Bringin’ It Back Festival was held in Historic St. Mary’s City as a day of fun with many outdoor activities in the warm weather. The event was created as senior Jenny Jones’ St. Mary’s Project, inspired by advice of Professor of Economics Don Stabile.

“When I had my first SMP meeting with him, he first thing he asked me was ‘What do you want to do after college?’ I responded that I want to be an event planner, so he told me that I could plan a new event on campus! I was very grateful that he allowed me to do something so beneficial and specific to my life after college,” said Jones.

Jones spent an entire semester planning the event, coordinating with various individuals in Historic St. Mary’s, as well as students on campus. She was inspired by the many student requests for a music festival and booked several bands to play throughout the evening. However, the greater meaning behind Jones’ event was the kinship between the Historic city and the campus.

“I wanted to help increase the relationship between the college students and Historic St. Mary’s City. I wanted to give students a reason to go over to Historic and see all of the sites over there,” said Jones.  “I wanted them to not only think of the site as an interactive educational history lesson, but as a fun and beautiful place that is rich in the history of our college’s location.”

The festival had a day-long turnout of both students and faculty coming and going throughout the afternoon and into the evening, with the musical performances. Junior Jeremy Piper attended the performance of Pat and the Savages, a student band performing against the backdrop of the river at sunset.

“The music festival was a great showcase of student talent and community appreciation here,” said Piper.

With all of this excitement, Jones was not alone in running the show. She had a great deal of help with 40 volunteers there to set up and run the events, along with the assistance of Kelly Schroder, Dean of  Students, and Muffin Padukiewicz, the Historic City Event Coordinator.

“The event would not have been successful without them. I cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness,” said Jones.

Thanks to the success of her project, Jones hopes to make this event an annual tradition here at St. Mary’s.  For any takers, have no fear; Jones will even provide a manual for event success, the finishing piece of her SMP.