Artist Spotlight: Conor Colgan


On any given weekday, Conor Colgan can usually be found sprinting up and down the field in the midst of a Lacrosse practice or game. However, the ace up the sleeve of Colgan’s jersey is that after the final whistle blows, he heads straight for Montgomery Hall as an art major who experiments with various mediums of studio art.  As his junior year comes to a close, he took the time to tell The Point News about his upcoming St. Mary’s Project (SMP), his passion for art, and why he believes art should be more accessible in the community.

What is your latest project that is most relevant to the work you plan to do in your SMP?

I did a piece for my friend last year- Basically, I took his favorite song, which was “Boss D.J.” by Sublime. I got the acoustic vibrations and traced those out into a canvas and painted that over a colorful background. So far, I’ve gotten a lot of good responses about it. My friend thought it was cool that he could hang his favorite song up on the wall.

How did you first become interested in art?

My brother would always doodle and sketch when I was in kindergarten. He was pretty good, but he had never pursued it. He always had these “how to draw” stick figures or animals – so I started with that.  The first thing that I ever drew that people really noticed were cartoon characters – those were the first sketches that I ever got a lot of good reactions from.  Then in middle school, when I was done taking notes I would just end up drawing in the books. Eventually, I got out of just drawing in notebooks and starting drawing in sketchpads. In high school, I took a few art electives but I really liked history. I’ve always loved art, but I never planned on making it my major or possibly pursuing it as a career.

When did you decide you wanted to become an art major?

I declared my art major last spring- so that’s pretty recent. My dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse, so I always grew up around the sciences. My parents, particularly my dad, were the ones who told me I should pursue art because it’s something that I love to do in the same way that my dad loves being a doctor. They love helping people, so I always wanted to try and do something with that.

What do you love most about art?

Part of what I like about art is that at the end of the day, it’s all based off of what people think. If you found a Picasso covered in dust and it didn’t have Picasso’s name on it, you might think, “Oh, that’s just a great painting – and it could probably sell for a couple hundred dollars. If you knew it was a Picasso, it would go for thousands. It’s all about the name and the value that people attach to it. I feel like that’s getting harder and harder to do successfully as an artist now. With street art, people are putting their art out there and not even expecting to get paid. I’m planning on doing a graduate program, but I’m still adjusting to being an art major and what it means to be an artist. I was originally a Biology major with an Economics minor. I realized that I was just having a lot more fun with doing art. I’m really pumped to do the SMP.

I love art, but I hate having deadlines and requirements. I don’t think that art should be that way. What drew me to art was that, there were no rules. If you think it’s art, it’s art.