SMCM Institution: The Awesome Room is Awesome


Across the St. Mary’s campus are places that people either do know about or that they take for granted. One of these places is located at the Waterfront – it is one of the locations that is taken for granted and not seen for how cool it is. At the Waterfront is a room that most people know as just “the room at the River Center” or “the second floor at the River Center.” In the past, it was known as the “Bamboo Room.” Now, however, many people are getting to know it as the “Awesome Room.”

The Awesome Room is a spacious room with wooden walls and floor (though there are well-placed rugs throughout the room), and tasteful wooden beams on the ceiling otherwise white ceiling. There are two rows of lights that line the room, providing it with excellent lighting for whatever reason you are in there. It also has very comfortable furniture, fireplaces, cool paintings, a few live plants, and, apparently, an iPod hook-up so you can play your music through speakers that will blast all over the River Center. This usually happens when it’s nice outside and/or when there is some kind of event happening at the River Center and a lot of people are there, and while not everyone has great taste in music (I have actually heard some pretty bad music played), it is still a pretty cool thing to be able to do.

The Awesome Room is used for multiple purposes: anywhere from studying to just sitting and chatting with friends. It is even used for brunches (I went to one last year). It seems to be used more often when it is colder out, because it is too cold to sit on the patio, but slightly less often when it is warmer, because it is warm enough to sit on the patio. The Awesome Room tends to hold the spill-over kids who didn’t make it to the patio on those days; even so, it is still a very enjoyable place to go.