Rest in Peace, Green Bean


    As a Psychology student, I have relied on three things: SPSS, the Goodpaster computer labs, and the Green Bean. Last semester during finals week, I practically camped out in the computer labs (moving around as exams took place) and frequenting the Green Bean so I could get caffeine. But there is no more Green Bean this year. This year, the equivalent of the Green Bean has moved to the Pub. While I am glad that there is still something close to the Goodpaster/Schaefer classes, it’s not the same. During breaks in classes, the Green Bean was close and convenient. The Pub is close, but not as convenient – the breaks need to be longer for those of us who need caffeine on a regular basis (i.e., breaks during and between classes). There is still a counter there…why can’t the actual place be as well? I miss my Chai lattes that I can get at a place that is literally right outside my class. It’s a lot harder when it’s not right there.

    Sometimes I forget that the Green Bean is no longer there – like when I’m in my Tuesday/Thursday class and we’re taking a break and I realize I need caffeine. I go downstairs – old habits die hard – and I remember that the closest place to get my Chai is not a place I can go in the time we are given for the break. To give credit, however, there is a vending machine that contains snacks that are full of sugar, which is just as needed as caffeine is sometimes. I would appreciate a soda machine though…

    The lack of the Green Bean is something I am going to have to get used to. I will definitely miss it because it was a wonderful place for Chais, and because it was very reliable for the students who tend to camp out in the study lounges and computer labs.

    As a sign in Goodpaster says: R.I.P. Green Bean