Leadership and Success: Sigma Alpha Pi


    By Terrence Thrweatt

    “Like a Boss!”

    This was the phrase that seemed to take the campus and most of my Facebook newsfeed by storm much of last year. It seemed to be used by every one that considered themselves a leader or “boss” in some type of way. But, there’s a new organization on campus that allows students to fulfill their desire to be a boss (we actually consider it “grooming leadership”). In the interest of full disclosure: I have been a member of this organization for two years and currently sit on the Executive Board.

    The National Society of Leadership and Success, otherwise known as Sigma Alpha Pi, was founded in 2001, by Gary Tuerack, with the purpose of creating leaders. The goal of the organization is to recruit and cultivate 21st century leadership skills in our members; as well as provide continued support for them for once they’re in the “real” world. Our chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi was founded 2012, by president Marche Pearson, who’s currently a senior with her sights on an MBA, specializing in Marketing.

    This semester has been our most active. We have 200+ students in every class signed up for the organization. Some are even studying abroad while actively participating. So, what’s the point of this article? The chapter’s leadership has been flooded with emails and concerns, most of them are due to lack of knowledge about the group in general. Below are just two, but if there are any more, feel free to email me at tthrweatt@smcm.edu:

    When does the chapter meet?

    The chapter meets almost every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 8 pm, in St. Mary’s Hall. We realize some people cannot make it, so we have re-cap sessions on Fridays in the Library at 3 pm. All meetings last no more than an hour and a half.

    I’m already a boss, so how can it help me?

    Sigma Alpha Pi can help you via our networking and development sessions. We organize students into groups that have the same common interests as them. We also have many speakers from off campus that do podcasts with our organization.