Niko's Pizza: Go There for the Greek


Tucked away in the same shopping center as Food Lion in Lexington Park is an unassuming little joint with a faded red “PIZZA” sign. If you come a little closer, you will also see that the name of the place is Niko’s, and that there’s a poster in the window featuring a pretty lady who wants you to eat more gyros. Heed that woman’s advice, my friends, and eat their gyros.

Here at Niko’s, the two great Mediterranean food powers of Greece and Italy combine to deliver a mouth-watering array of choices. Inside is a collection of cozy booths surrounded by blue-and-white Mediterranean-themed decor, complete with paintings of fishing boats and quaint white-washed houses.

Up at the ordering counter (there is no wait staff), you can peruse a menu of  your typical subs, salads (especially Greek salad), sandwiches, and appetizers along with their pizza menu (with the option of adding such Greek food items as gyro or souvlaki meat and feta cheese), dinner plates such as moussaka and lasagna, as well as their gyro and souvlaki options under the category “Greek Subs.”

By Greek subs, they mean pita bread stuffed with ribbon strips of gyro meat or chunky souvlaki meat, feta cheese, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and smothered in awesome tzatziki yogurt sauce. You will not be disappointed.

If you’re still not full after stuffing your face with meat, I highly recommend ordering up a serving of their sweet and syrupy baklava for dessert. Baklava, for those who don’t know, is layer upon layer of phyllo dough filled with walnuts and soaked in a sugary mess of honey. Lick those fingers and enjoy.

It is very important to note that Niko’s does not accept credit cards, so hit up the ATM for some cash before you head over. Despite that slight inconvenience, going to Niko’s is a thoroughly satisfying way to take a break from your normal weekend-pizza routine and get your Greek on.