Sake Review


For the occasional day when the Great Room sounds anything but, and the Upper Deck’s just not doing it for you, a night out can be the perfect change of pace to keep your stomach happy and add a little spontaneity to your routine. But if your chances of getting a ride are slim (and your wallet even slimmer), we wonder, what’s a poor undergrad to do? Luckily, Lexington Park offers a boon of well priced options for the cheap-eats savant, and one of them is Sake, a Japanese seafood restaurant and steakhouse off of Great Mills Road that even delivers.

Sake makes a good first impression with its comfortable setup. A small, intimate setting that’s not overly crowded on a weekday—we were happy with the cozy interior and pleasant seating. While it’s true that the violin rendition of ‘Country Road’ and ‘The Godfather’ playing on loop struck us as an odd choice for a sushi joint, it was an observation more of humor than of annoyance. The menu was priced very reasonably, with most entrees priced between 10 and 15 dollars. Choices ranged from classics like shrimp tempura to BBQ spare ribs for people in the mood for something more on the meat-eaters end. In the spirit of trying as much as we could, we opted for the sushi special, trying six different kinds of sushi in total.

Me, I’m a California Roll kind of girl, and I don’t usually stray from that. The California Roll we ordered in the first course certainly didn’t disappoint. The sushi was very fresh, and had been well prepared by the chef at the sushi bar just a few feet away. I would have been pretty happy to stick with that kind all night, but I knew it wouldn’t make for much of a review. Man, am I glad I tried something new. Before then, I had never had tuna roll. I was so impressed by the flavor and the creamy texture of the filling, I was pretty tempted to just snatch it up while Jeremy wasn’t looking. The salmon roll was similarly impressive, though it may have lacked a little variety from the rest of the plate. By our second course I was pretty pumped to try something brand new, and we went all out with the red snapper deluxe roll, made with crabstick and cucumber draped with red snapper. I might have been clumsy with my chopsticks picking this one up, but tearing up the roll did nothing to detract from the taste. My favorite of the night was the deep fried shrimp roll, a roll fried in tempura batter. It had a killer taste and a nice crunch to boot.

Relying on taste and low prices instead of fancy settings and mood lighting to keep the customers happy, we would call this a perfect place for students with deep stomachs and shallow pockets. We decided to give Sake 15 out of 20 stars: 5/5 stars for price, 4/5 for taste, 4/5 for service, and 2/5 for atmosphere.