Rest in Peace: You Were the Best Bench on Campus


    Everyone knows this bench.

    For some of you, intense emotions of joy may be rising up in you simply by looking at the photo to the right because it often tops people’s list of favorite places on campus.

    At some point or another during your St. Mary’s career, you’ve probably watched a sunset or a regatta, looked up at the stars, called your mother, laughed with a friend, or cried while sitting on it.

    It’s one of those signature places on campus where you can go by yourself and just sit. There’s no one to answer to, no work to do; just a spectacular view of the St. Mary’s river and beyond.

    I would bet it’s safe to say that the bench has prevented a considerable amount of  nervous breakdowns, guided many right life-changing decisions to be made, and allowed countless amazingly colorful scenes to be observed by community members. Sometimes when i sit on it, it makes me want to belt out “Just Around the Riverbend,” roll down the hill, and jump in a kayak.

    Simply said, it has bettered many subpar days and supplemented many already great days.

    But upon return to campus from winter break I, and several other students who also adore it, noticed that the Grandmother Willow of a bench and all of its perfectness was tragically torn down. Only the bricks on which it rested and some skeptical dirt piles around it remain.

    Why, St. Mary’s, why?

    Where am I supposed to go when that paper just isn’t getting written, when the only thing that could make me feel better is a call to mom, or when I simply want some fresh air with a view.

    What’s more is that students who have never experienced its wooden therapy will never get to, and future students won’t even know what they’re missing.

    I’m not sure why the bench was removed, but I can only hope that something just as awesome takes its place. I’ll try to hold off all my overwhelming feelings until then.

    Perhaps a new place on campus can take its place. I shall begin the search.

    So this is goodbye. Rest in peace little buddy, and thanks for the memories.