Assorted Events Held at Pub


This semester, the College community is seeking to uphold the mission of The Pub by featuring a variety of events, other than the usual food and drink services, that faculty, staff, and students will enjoy.

On Oct. 3, the Office of Student Activities sponsored the screening of the Presidential debate on the topic of domestic policy. The Pub was also used during Family Weekend of Hawktoberfest to hold a reception for SMCM parents and the Board of Trustees. Different campus organizations have begun using The Pub for these types of programs in order to bring the SMCM community together at a desirable location. “Some Pub events are the idea of and sponsored by the Office of Student Activities while others are sponsored by other campus groups of faculty, staff or students,” said Assistant Dean of Students Kelly Schroeder.

On Oct. 16 and 22, The Pub continued to screen the remaining Presidential debates, despite it not being open for regular business hours. According to Schroeder, “the space is available to be scheduled for events during non-operating and operating hours.” Students responded favorably to viewing these debates with fellow members of the student body. “Three of the four Presidential/VP debates were held in The Pub and all resulted in a full house,” said Schroeder.

With the overwhelming interest in utilizing the location of The Pub, the Staff Senate organized a Trivia Night event.  Trivia Night “was planned to get students, faculty and staff to socialize together, just as was the mission of The Pub since its inception, to bring the campus together, faculty, staff, and students in the community and to model for students socially responsible drinking,” said Schroeder. Food and Beverages were available for purchase while those in attendance enjoyed competing for prizes under the direction of the Quizmaster, Director of Alumni Relations David Sushinsky.

“It was a nice setting. Having trivia at The Pub makes a lot of sense and makes The Pub seem like a regular bar,” said senior Carolyn Zerhusen. “I went to the Living Wage discussion at The Pub last semester and The Pub made the discussion seem more casual and intimate,” she continued.

Any campus organization that wishes to use The Pub for a specific program should contact Kelly Schroeder in the Office of Student Activities. Schroeder explained that “these groups should be aware that events during operating hours are subject to certain restrictions that will be explained as you plan your event through the Office of Student Activities.”