Ravyns' Rob Fahey Performs on Campus Center Patio


On Tuesday, April 17, Rob Fahey came to St. Mary’s to perform a small set on the Campus Center patio for a small audience.

Fahey, formerly of the Ravyns (based in Baltimore, beginning in the 80s) and currently of the Pieces, began his performance with a cover of the Beatles’ song, “Blackbird.” The rest of the performance consisted mostly of original songs, both from his solo career and from his career as a band member of the Ravyns.

He also added in two other covers of songs: “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, and “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. Original songs that Fahey played included “Waiting to Live,” “October Changes,” “Ghost Stories,” and “Home” (all from his solo career), as well as a song from the 80s hit movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack, “Raised on the Radio” (performed by the Ravyns).

Junior Matt Anthony, executive board member for the HAWK Radio, organized the performance and interviewed Fahey. The interview aired on Wednesday, April 25, and Friday, April 27, at 11 a.m. on the HAWK Radio. Anthony, in discussing how he got Fahey to come to this campus, said, “I know Rob pretty well, because my dad and all of his friends back in the 80s used to go out and see the Ravyns all the time. One of my dad’s really good friends got to know the band by going to shows all the time. I’ve known the Ravyns music forever, because my dad played it a lot when I was growing up; I was kind of raised on classic rock.”

According to Anthony, Fahey now performs at private parties and bars. “Rob also plays at bars and stuff in the area. Every third Friday he’s in Bel Air at a restaurant called Looney’s,” said Anthony.

Fahey’s performance received a lot of positive feedback from the audience members. “I thought he was really interesting,” said senior Todd Newman. Before Newman joined the audience, he could hear the performance from the path near the pond. He added, “The part [about the performance] that I think I found most enjoyable about it was coming up from the pond toward the Campus Center. The reverberating echo sounded almost haunting, and made me want to go see what he actually sounds like.”

According to Anthony, Fahey has played on the St. Mary’s campus before. “I’d like to thank St. Mary’s for having me. I really enjoyed it, and would look forward to coming back. It’s been some time since I played on a campus. It’s been a refreshing change from the club and bar atmosphere,” Fahey said.

More information on Rob Fahey, including a performance schedule, a timeline of his career, and photos, can be found at www.robfahey.com.