HAWK Radio Provides Soundtrack for St. Mary's Students


Looking for a soundtrack for your studying?

Same old iTunes playlists just not cutting it anymore? If you’re looking to add a little musical variety into your life, why not tune in to the HAWK Radio? Yes, that’s right. SMCM has our own college radio station, and, to quote the Beatles, it’s “getting better all the time.”

The SMCM HAWK Radio provides free online radio to anyone, anywhere who wants to listen. The HAWK has live shows featuring student disc jockeys (DJs) scheduled all throughout the week. We stream our shows online, so all you have to do to listen is go to www.seahawkradio.com and tune in!

We offer all kinds of shows. Any student can sign-up for their own show, so our programming is extremely diverse. We have themed shows, freeform shows, and we even have talk radio. Especially popular this semester is the new Diversity, Race and Gender (DRAG) show, which combines talk radio and music to allow listeners the opportunity to express their diversity. Freeform shows, Loerop+Anthony provide diverse programming with a wide appeal, while themed shows such as The Classical Experience or The Progressive Beat focus on a specific genre. Whatever you like, there’s bound to be a show you’ll enjoy. Tune in to hear your friends on the air, or just check it out if you want to try something new. Our full schedule is printed in this article, and is also available at our website.

In addition to our programming, we have also been working very hard this semester to make the station even better for our DJs and listeners. We are in the process of updating our website, with the goal of launching the new site by next year.

The new website will offer a number of updated features, including the ability to access archived recordings of our shows. In addition, we have been taking our show on the road, so to speak, providing DJing services for on-campus events. The most recent of these, Relay for Life, proved to be very successful. If you are interested in having HAWK DJs provide music for your event, please contact a member of our executive board.

We are also excited to announce that we are planning on sponsoring our first ever live performance. On April 17, Rob Fahey, former member of Baltimore-based rock group The Ravyns, will be recording an exclusive session at the HAWK, followed by a performance on the Campus Center Patio. Look for more information about this event as it gets closer, and tune in to our automated Baltimore Bands show every morning from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. to hear music by Rob and other popular Baltimore-area artists.

While all of this sounds pretty cool, we can’t continue to provide awesome events and programming without the support of talented DJs and dedicated listeners. If you are interested in DJing a show on the HAWK, please contact a member of our executive board. We are always looking for new DJs who share our love of music and radio. Even if you’re not thinking about your own show, why not tune in to the HAWK one day? Providing great DJs and excellent programming means nothing if there’s no one to listen to it and our wide range of shows almost guarantees that you will find something you like! Tune in at www.seahawkradio.com or check us out on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/seahawkradio.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact one of our executive board members: Nick Hughes (ndhughes@smcm.edu), Pippa Friedman (pefriedman@smcm.edu) or Matt Anthony (mhanthony@smcm.edu).