Professor Spotlight: Jeffrey Silberschlag


Jeffrey Silberschlag, Artistic Director and Head of Performance Activities for St. Mary’s Music Department, has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, China, and Israel performing as a trumpet soloist and conductor.

As a professor teaching trumpet, orchestra, chamber music, and as head of international and summer activities, Silberschlag is also a conductor and director of the Chesapeake Orchestra and River Concert Series and co-director of the Alba Music Festival held in Alba, Italy.

Silberschlag was born into music, and his career as a trumpeter beginning at a young age.  “Even the days when I thought of doing other things, I practiced while I was thinking,” he explained.

As a young musician, he was serious about the art, getting to meet many famous trumpeters at a young age by attending the International Trumpet Symposium in Denver at age 12.  “I met and heard many famous trumpeters perform during that conference and they were very kind to me, amazed that such a young trumpeter would come all the way across the U.S. for the conference.  Some of the featured players at the conference have followed my career ever since,” he said.

After attending music school in Switzerland, being a member of the Jerusalem Symphony in Israel, and working as principal trumpet for the Italian National Symphony, Silberschlag found himself at St. Mary’s after receiving a phone call asking if he was available for a one year visiting appointment.  “So I came for a visiting year and have stayed for about 25 years so far,” said Silberschlag.

Though his musical career has many different aspects, Silberschlag said, “I don’t think there is any way to imagine them separately.  I was fortunate to have studied with some of the most important teachers of the time and perform for many of the most important conductors, like Solti, Mehta, Rostropovich, Chailly, Temirkanov, and Barenboim,” he said.  “I feel a missionary’s zeal to pass on the information that was afforded to me.”

As far as performing goes, Silberschlag believes that “for a musician, the most important concert is always the very next one.”  He is currently preparing for the Alba Music Festival and the River Concert Series, as well as a performance in Norway in August in which he was invited to play as a trumpet soloist.

Silberschlag’s impressive resumé also includes recording with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, receiving the European Union Prize for Artistic and Cultural Achievements in 2011, Governor’s Citation for Providing Music to the Southern Maryland Region in 2009, and the Governor’s Tourism Impact Award in 2003.  Silberschlag also holds the title of a Steven Muller Distinguished Professor in the Arts.