News in Brief: Anthropology Position


The Anthropology Department is in an on-going search for a tenure-track position formerly filled by Professor Emeritus Dan Ingersoll. Ingersoll has been a Professor of Anthropology at St. Mary’s since 1988. There are currently four candidates in the running, two outside interviewees and two professors who are currently employed at the college: Liza Gijanto and Giovanna Vitelli. Professor Gijanto and Professor Vitelli are both visiting faculty for the year. The campus visits by external and internal candidates should be concluded in approximately two weeks, after which the new professor will be announced. Professor Roberts, head of the Anthropology department, said, “As you can imagine, there is a lot of attention paid to searches and making sure that all applicants are treated equally in the process. I don’t think I can comment on the candidates other than to say we have excellent candidates for the position.”