Artist Spotlight: Garrett Zopfi


Garrett Zopfi has expressed his love of art in a number of ways here at St. Mary’s. Whether it is apparel, sculptures, or drawings, Zopfi has shown an extraordinary amount of skill in his art work.

Zopfi shows how an individual can be an interesting yet dedicated artist. He has developed beautiful and award winning art, but he has also put a lot of work into all of his creations. Yet he explains that being an artist isn’t all about spending a large amount of time in the art studio. “An artist is someone who has an overwhelming desire to create and for as long as I can remember I’ve been making things” says Zopfi.

Zopfi has always known on some level that he was meant to be an artist. He explains that “it feels like the natural thing that I should be doing.” Many students at SMCM who have seen his work around campus would agree that Zopfi is a wonderful artist. He has designed t-shirts and posters for STARS and other events on campus. His art work has also been placed in the library and on numerous walls at SMCM. Zopfi has won awards at two of St. Mary’s student art shows. His work can also be seen off campus. During the summer, he displayed a sculpture at Anne Marie Gardens in Solomons, MD. He also has a website and a fan page on Facebook.

Art has been an important feature of Zopfi’s life and represents more than what meets the eye. “Anything that I make and call art has a story or an emotion behind it or is designed to illicit a feeling or an emotion,” he said. Zopfi believes that art tells a story and expresses something deeper than beauty. “Art is a form of communication that steps in when words fail,” said Zopfi.

He explains that the process of creating art can range from difficult to easy depending on how it may feel to the artist.

“Something small could take you weeks and something large you could finish in a few days,” Zopfi said. Art depends on how the subject affects who is creating it. “If the work sucks you in and you’re really into what you’re making, the work tends to be awesome and finished quickly,” he added.

As for the work he creates, “I find it easier to create work that solves a problem or is limited in some way.”

Zopfi lists Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Takashi Murakami as some of the artists who inspire him. SMCM should look forward to his future St. Mary’s Project as it is sure to be incredibly artistic.